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2/21/19. It's been over a week, and I'm still in disbelief. Can't really process that Zealot Canticles won the GRAMMY for Best Choral Performance.
I struggle to put into words my gratitude to Donald Nally, The Crossing, the amazing instrumental performers, the Barlow Endowment for making the commission possible, Innova Records, and the anonymous donor who made the recording possible.

1/30/19.  Just heard that Kammerkoret NOVA's CD including Dear World is being released on TAWO Classics in February. 

1/25/19.  OK -- CRAZY couple of months. First, absolutely stunned/thrilled/honored/humbled that Zealot Canticles is a 2019 GRAMMY nominee, for Best Choral Performance by The Crossing and Donald Nally! Putting on a tux and attending the Grammys on February 10th! Regardless of what happens, it's the greatest thrill and honor of my life. After all, even though I/we don't do what we do for awards and prizes (!!), nevertheless it's so incredibly rewarding when a work which takes on social issues gets recognition and wider exposure.

Secondly: Had an AMAZING premiere of the flute concerto by Trudy Kane and the Frost Flute Ensemble in the fall. Could not have been happier! Recorded it for my upcoming CD, too. :-)
Then a really great Guest Composer visit at USF. Great performance of Rite, and lecture/presentation at the composition seminar.

Thirdly: Dear World was announced as the winner of the 2019 Analog Chorale call-for-scores. They will be performing it this spring and recording it for their debut CD, including works by David Lang and Krishan Oberoi.

And now I'm in the middle of a 5-week residency in Italy as a Bogliasco Foundation Fellow. Words cannot describe the experience. Truly blessed and lucky; I do not take it for granted.
Incredibly productive so far: In just two weeks I've composed a 15-16 minute choral cycle (on LGBT Mormon poetry!) called You Have a Name and a Place for Boston Choral Ensemble, as the winner of their 2018 commission competition, and a 9 minute choral work (Sette grime pa natta) for Kammerkoret NOVA in Oslo, Norway.
Now I'm immersed in the opera for Guerilla Opera for 2019/20, on the fascinating and complicated story (stories) of Hannah Duston, on a compelling, wonderful libretto by Glen Nelson.

10/8/18.  Just found out that This Will Not Be Loud and Relentless will be performed by the Chak Duo Piano Percusión (Felipe González, Percusión; Marcela Lillo, Piano) at the XV Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea Darwin Vargas in Chile on Oct. 11th. Wish I could be there!!

10/1/18.  Crazybusy time since my last update! Eventful summer: Amazing residency at Copland House, culminating in a Bucket List item: The premiere of Suite hypnagogique at Carnegie Hall by pianist Scott Holden. Can't really put into words my feelings at and following that concert.
Then spent a month preparing our house to rent, and moved across the country for a year-long sabbatical in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) of California.
Several performances over the summer, including at two international music festivals: Il Jornadas Musicales de Invierno 2018 (Winter Music Days Festival) in Chile, and the International Clarinet Conference in Ostend, Belgium.
Last week I was a Guest Composer at CSUN (Cal State Northridge) for a performance of Specific Gravity: 2.72 by TEMPO Ensemble (superb performance!) and a lecture/presentation at the Composition Seminar.

Looking forward to going back to Miami for a week at the end of the month for the world premiere of my flute concerto by Trudy Kane, and visiting USF in Tampa as a Guest Composer for a performance of Rite and a masterclass!

6/16/18. I've been here at the Copland House as a Fellow in residence for a month now. What an opportunity, to live and work in Copland's own house; in his studio, at his desk, on his piano... It's been incrediblyproductive: Started with the premiere of Mühlfeldtänze - the clarinet quintet commissioned by the Copland House and theHoff-Barthelson Music School - at their annual contemporary music festival. What a pleasure it was to work with the amazingly talentedkids!
In one month I've written two works from scratch: Suite hypnagogique (a piano suite commissioned by pianist Scott Holden and the Mormon ArtsCenter, to be premiered at Carnegie Hall on June 29th), and ...que la tierra se partió por su sonido, a flute concerto for Trudy Kane and the Frost Flute Ensemble.
Now on to working on a commission for Boston Choral Ensemble, a new work for Splinter Reeds (San Francisco), and the opera!

5/2/18. Happy to share that Kammerkoret NOVA ("NOVA Chamber Choir") in Oslo, Norway, just recorded by choral work Dear World for their upcoming CD. Details on release TBA!
They also performed the work several times in Oslo this season.

4/29/18. Just learned that my duo blur will be performed at the annual New Music Gathering on May 19th in Boston, by Dinosaur Annex (Katherine Matasy, clarinet; Diane Heffner, Basset horn).
The piece is performed regularly in the version for clarinet and alto sax, but I much prefer this [original] version for Basset and clarinet! Wish I could be there, but I'll be at Copland House, just starting my residency.

 4/16/18. Busy week+! At the USF New Music Festival in Tampa for a performance of Agitprop, then at the Frontwave Festival this weekend for another performance of Agitprop.
Passepartout Duo (Berlin) performed This Will Not Be Loud and Relentless at the Dimlicht Festival in Antwerp, Belgium on Saturday, and at the
Amicidella Musicadi Modena, AdAdM Festival in Modena, Italy, on Friday.
And tonight is the performance of my cello concerto Occam's Razor here in Miami by Ensemble Ibis and the fantastic cellist Jason Calloway.

3/22/18. Absolutely ecstatic to announce that I will be writing a new solo piano work for pianist Scott Holden, who will premiere it at Carnegie Hall on June 29th, as part of the 2018 Mormon Arts Center Festival!

2/7/18. Found out that blur will be performed this summer at ClarinetFest (the International Clarinet Conference) in Ostend, Belgium, by George Weremchuk, sax, and Keith Koons, clarinet.

12/7/17. THRILLED to announce that I've been selected as an Aaron Copland House Fellow for 2018. I'll have the extraordinary opportunity to live in Aaron Copland's house in Cortlandt, NY for a month in May-June. I'm also honored to have been selected as the recipient of their annual commission, for a chamber work to be premiered at the Hoff-Barthelson Contemporary Music Festival in May, 2018.

12/1/17. Big news: I've been commissionied by Guerilla Opera (Boston) for a full-length opera for their 2019/20 season.
Also really excited that I'll be writing a new work for the amazing Splinter Reeds (San Francisco) for 2019. Details TBA!

11/26/17. Wow. Just wow. Four days at The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in the UK. Mind-blowing. 4-7 concerts per day (all sold-out or near-capacity!): Ensemble Modern, Arditti Quartet, Red Note Ensemble, Polish National Radio Choir, and so many others.
Passepartout Duo gave a stunning world premiere of my 18-minute work for muted piano and muted snare drum, This Will Not Be Loud and Relentless. Cannot thank them enough for their passion, dedication, and attention to detail and musicality.
They also performed it at the XXX Festival de Musica Contemporànea in Havana, Cuba, two other concerts in the UK (London and Oxford), and will be performing it at Myrkir Músíkdagar (the Dark Days Music Festival) in Iceland in January.

7/6/17. FANTASTIC week last month as the Composer-in-Residence at the Alba Music Festival in Italy. World premiere by Transient Canvas (incredible musicians and incredible people!), and a performance of Moraine by the Romanian National Philharmonic Orchestra. Most of all, it's always so rewarding to work with talented young composers from around the country.
Kat came and met me for the last few days of the festival, and then we traveled through Italy for ten days: Milano (including seeing Don Giovanni at La Scala!), Firenze, Cinque Terre, and a few days in Rome with our dear friends Enzo and Alessandra. Trip of a lifetime.

5/10/17. Always a thrill and honor to work with the great Eric Hewitt and Triton Brass. Last week they performed What We Do Is Secret again with the Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble, and as expected they kicked serious butt.

3/22/17.  Just learned that not only am I the Winner of the 2016 American Prize for [...]Qumran Psa[lms...], but Rite, for two pianos & two percussionists, was also awarded Third Prize in the Chamber Music division.

3/20/17.  What a week. A week of rehearsals, two-day recording session, and then the world premiere of Zealot Canticles last night in Philadelphia. 85 minutes long, without intermission.
Never have I been so humbled and honored to work with such deeply committed, amazing musicians in my life. It's hard to believe that this project started back in 2010. When we started this journey, I could not have imagine that the words of Wole Soyinka about zealotry, intolerance, the "otherization" of those we disagree with, and the misuse of power would be so timely and relevant. His words aren't simply universals or generalizations, but about the here and now.  
I am eternally grateful to Donald Nally, the stellar singers of The Crossing, the fantastic musicians, and The Barlow Endowment for Music Composition for making this work possible.

3/10/17. Donald Nally, the conductor of The Crossing, has been writing a series of essays about Zealot Canticles: An Oratorio for Tolerance.  He is an incredible writer. Each essay is full of insights and profound commentaries. Read it here.

2/26/17. Nice bit of news: [...]Qumran Psa[lms...] was just named the Winner of the 2016 American Prize for Composition (

2/5/17. What a fantastic performance of What We Do Is Secret by the FSU Wind Symphony under the directrion of Richard Clary, and the Garnet & Brass Quintet! Just blown away.
As a side bonus, I got to hang out with Louis Andriessen in a janitor/storage closet for 30-40 minutes (I admit that may sound rather strange). What a pleasure it was to meet and talk with him! 

 1/9/17. A student just emailed me to say "Congratulartions!," to which I replied "For what?"  I'm a Finalist for the American Prize in two categories: Chamber Music and Choral.

11/4/16. Just learned that the Freon Ensemble in Rome will be performing my Processione di lacrime (Pavan) in three weeks at the Nuova Scuola di Musica Vassura Baroncini in Imola, Italy (just outside of Bologna). Wish I could be there!

10/16/16. Great to have ToniMarie Marchioni and Jacob Coleman here for four days: Composition Forum, oboe masterclass, concert, and recording session of Discipline for my next monograph CD.
Oh: Also learned today that Dear World will be performed on the 2017 Missouri State University Composition Festival.

10/4/16. Today was a good day. First, I was informed that What We Do Is Secret was selected for performance on the 2017 FSU Festival of New Music in February (from a pool of nearly 500 submissions). What an honor, and I'm thrilled to finally have the chance to work with Richard Clary!
Secondly, I also learned that Discipline is the Winner of the 2016 Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers, Professional Division (run by the Foundation for Modern Music). Performance at the Houston Museum of Art sometime this season (details TBA).

10/1/16. Looking forward to traveling to my beloved Boston this week for three performances of Requiem,v.2.001 by the wonderful What Is Noise? ensemble, and a presentation at the Longy School of Music. It will be nice to return to Longy after all these years (I took classes there while working on my Ph.D. at Harvard, my wife got her degree and Artist Diploma in Opera Performance there, and then I had the pleasure of being a one-year Visiting Faculty there before moving to Miami). Jeremy van Buskirk is now the Chair of Composition at Longy; when I was there, he was doing his Masters; file under "Things Which Make You Feel Old."

9/18/16. Was just nominated to apply for The Rome Prize. No guarantees, of course, but nice to be approached by the American Academy in Rome, formally asking me to toss my hat in the ring.

BUSY summer ahead! This summer (2016) I'll be going to a festival at the University of Tennessee, the International Double Reed Society National Conference in Columbus, GA, going to Philadelphia for the world premiere of Dear World, commissioned by The Crossing, spending two weeks in the Sierras hiking, boating, trout fishing, and COMPOSING like a madman, trying to finish the oratorio.  Oh, also surfing and biking 5 days a week. ;-)

 5/7/16. Happy to announce that I've been commissioned to write a fanfare for the 10th anniversary of Axiom Brass in Chicago! Details TBA.

4/3/16. Just found out that OK-OK will be performed on the Nordic Saxophone Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, next month.  Why don't I find out about these things further in advance, so I could arrange to be there!?

3/15/16. ALSO -- Super excited about the upcoming two-concert "McLoskey Festival" at Spectrum next month in NYC! The line-up is all finalized, and will feature some of the elite new music players around: Miranda Cuckson will be premiering Two, the work for solo violin commissioned for her by the New Spectrum Foundation; ToniMarie Marchioni will be premiering a big oboe sonata called Discipline; up-and-coming -- already a star -- virtuoso violinist Miclen Laipang will be performing two works; violist Amelia Hollander will be playing my massive viola sonata Wild Bells; plus two works for sax and clarinet and several multimedia works.  

3/15/16. Wow! Had a great time working with some supremely talented young composers as the Composer-in-Residence at the Webster University Young Composers Institute. Also the distinct pleasure of working with the What Is Noise? ensemble.  Cool peeps!

1/17/16.  What a pleasure it is to work with musicians of the caliber of the legendary Dale Underwood! He and the Frost Sax Quartet gave a spectacular premiere of Sikurtawa at the 38th International Saxophone Symposium at Shenandoah University.  

7/1/15.  Honored to announce that I received a Barlow Commission to write a concert length (70-80 minutes) oratorio for The Crossing, to be premiered in Philadelphia in March, 2017!! The libretto will be drawn from texts by Wole Soyinka, the Nobel Prize winning poet and humanitarian.

7/10/15.  Whirl was just premiered at the World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, France by The Silver Duo. Wish I could be there!

5/12/15.  What an amazing thrill it was to be in Berlin again, for the premiere of Qumran Psalms by ensemberlino vocale! Berlin is my new favorite city.

1/9/15. Well, What We Do Is Secret didn't end up being a final nominee for a Grammy, but I'm honored that it was nominated by Albany Records.

12/16/14.  What a fantastic experience in Berlin. Wonderful premiere of Rite by Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion at Konzerthaus, and one of the most intense, thought-provoking, and challenging lecture/forums with composition students at the Universität der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts). Plus I caught two other fantastic concerts: A new music concert by student composers, and Bach's Weihnachtsoratorium at Gethsemanekirche by Collegium Musicum Berlin. Cool side note: This is the same church where ensemberlino vocale will premiere my new choral work in May!

11/6/14. Specific Gravity: 2.27 was selected for the FSU 2015 New Music Festival (from over 1,100 submissions). Also was informed that What We Do Is Secret was submitted for a Grammy nomination by Albany Records for Best Contemporary Classical Composition. It's a mega-long shot, but hey.

10/2/14. Just got word from American Composers Alliance that TAK Ensemble will be performing Yellow next May, at Orchestra St. Luke's DiMenna Center for the Arts in NYC. I don't know them personally, but I've heard good things about them, so looking forward to it.

9/14/14. Just wrapped up a great week as Composer-in-Residence at the 2014 Carolina Chamber Music Festival. Had the pleasure of working with the world-class musicians of The Calyx Trio, and gave two lectures (one on "Visual Music," one on my music) and a Masterclass, at Eastern Carolina University's School of Art & Design and School of Music.

3/19/14. Um...where did the last 7 months go? Since last August: THREE CD releases of my music (Specific Gravity: Chamber Music of Lansing McLoskey; featuring the concerto What We Do Is Secret and The Madding Crowd with the amazing Triton Brass and The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble; Citizens of Nowhere, including blur). Also an Aaron Copland Recording Grant, First Prize in the 2014 Red Note Festival Composition Competition, and performances all over the place, including Colombia.
Also a wonderful "profile-concert" of my works last week on the Acoustica21 Concert Series in Miami, and another featured concert coming in April at the Kendall Sound Arts Series.  Oh, and this weekend blur is being performed at the North American Saxophone Alliance convention, and next week the Frontwave Music Festival is featuring me with two or three performances and a lecture.  

Plus, coordinating the annual Residency with The Cleveland Orchestra at the Frost School of Music, culminating in a concert tomorrow night with Bartok, Lutoslawski, Alejandro Vinao, and the world premiere of two UM DMA composition students. Cray busy!

8/3/13. Just got word that I received a Barlow Commission to write a new choral work for the wonderful ensemberlino vocale in Berlin! They've invited me to be their 2014 Composer-in-Residence; excited and honored! Definitely shaping up to be a crazy-busy year, with pieces for Berlin PianoPercussion, clarinetist Gleb Kanacevic, and two wind ensemble works!

7/22/13. Finishing up a glorious four days at Tanglewood.  Performance last night by Axiom Brass, caught two BSO concerts (nothing like Wagner's Die Walküre under a full moon!), and working with the extraordinarily talented young composers at the Tanglewood Institute. Already can't wait to return!

7/18/13. Just sent in the masters for two upcoming CDs: The wind ensemble and brass CD (see below), and Specific Gravity, a monograph CD of my chamber music, featuring recordings by The Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players (Eduardo Leandro, Dir), the newEar Ensemble, soprano Rebecca Duren, pianist Alan Johnson, saxophonist Philipp Staudlin, and members of Chameleon Arts Ensemble. 
Both CDs are slated for early fall release on Albany Records!

6/16/13. Very happy and honored to have received an Aaron Copland Fund Recording Grant to release The Unheard Music: A disc of works for wind ensemble and brass with Triton Brass and The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble! CD features works by Nico Muhly, Keith Kusterer, Justin Barish, and two of my works: What We Do Is Secret and The Madding Crowd.

3/15/13. Finished up a fantastic week as the Composer-in-Residence at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lecture/presentation, masterclasses, school-wide convocation, and wonderful performance of What We Do Is Secret by the UNL Faculty Brass Quintet and UNL Wind Ensemble, Carolyn Barber, Dir.
2/21/13. Lots happening.  Just notified this week that Hardwood will be performed on the 35th Foro Internacional Música Nueva Mexico City by the Mexico City Woodwind Quintet, and I've been invited to give a presentation and masterclass at Conservatorio Nacional de Música de México (the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico) in May. Possibly some lectures at other institutions in and around Mexico City, too.
Also just found out this week that Axiom Brass will be performing The Madding Crowd twice in May in Chicago, and this summer at the Tanglewood Institute. 
Next week I'm going to the North American Saxophone Alliance conference for a performance of OK-OK and masterclass at UCF, and then going to Greensboro in March for CBDNA and a talk on my music at UNCG.  And that's just the start of the busy spring!

1/18/12.  Just found out last night that the incredible Spanish Brass Luur Metalls will be performing The Madding Crowd at the XVIII Ciclo de Música Contemporánea, Málaga, Spain (the 18th Festival of Contemporary Music in Málaga, Spain) next week!  
Also, the Slippery Rock Sax Quartet will be performing OK-OK at the International Saxophone Symposium next week.

1/11/12.  Don't know where the last four months went! Really productive. And happy to learn that my concerto for brass quintet and wind ensemble was recently awarded The International Music Prize™ for Excellence in Composition 2011.  The piece was premiered in Oct. by Triton Brass and The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble (Eric Hewitt, Dir.), and it went smashingly well.

9/15/21/11.  Just arrived at the MacDowell Colony.  Staying in the same studio as Ruth Crawford Seeger, Ned Rorem, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Michael Torke, Scott Wheeler, Robert Beaser, and David Rakowski. 
God bless my wife for allowing me to take off for so long to dedicate myself full-time to composing.

8/1/11.  Wow...what a past couple of months.  Today I was informed that I won the Chatham Baroque Commission Competition!

7/21/11.  What a FANTASTIC time as Composer-in-Residence at the soundSCAPE Festival in Maccagno, Italy. Incredible students, awesome faculty, great performances; including the world premiere of The Unreal City, written for the festival.  To top it off, I've been commissioned by the festival to write a clarinet concertino for next year's festival!

7/7/11.  Names as the Composer-in-Residence at the Missouri Chamber Music Festival, June 21-24, 2012. Really looking forward to it.

6/21/11.  Just found out today that I won the Joint Wind Quintet Project Commission!  10-14 minute woodwind quintet, to be performed at the national conferences of the International Clarinet Association, International Horn Society, International Double Reed Society, and National Flute Association, as well as by Imani Winds and others next summer and beyond.  Really excited!!
I'll also be spending a month at the MacDowell Colony this fall, which will be intense, focused composing time...

5/10/11.  Nice review of the Prex Penitentialis CD in the Classical Music Sentinal.:

4/27/11.  Great performance of Gleam yesterday by the Borup-Ernst Duo. Another performance tonight, then off to New College for two more performances and a busy schedule (masterclass, interactive lecture, demonstration, and concert).  Looking forward to it.

4/8/11.  Now available on iTunes,, and a bunch of other online places.

3/23/11.  Box arrived today - finally!  Look for it on Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, and the websites of Albany Records and NAXOS soon! (Official release date isn't until April 1st, but my box of pre-release CD's came today.)

2/16/11.  Big news!  I was awarded the prestigious Goddard Liebersen Fellowship from the American Academy of Arts & Letters, given to a "mid-career composer of exceptional gifts."  I am humbled and thrilled!
Press release HERE.

2/14.  Had a great time visiting USC - my old stomping grounds - last week.  I gave a presentation at the USC Composition Forum, and also went to the CMS Conference at Pepperdine.

1/23/11.  Just found out I'll be the Composer-in-Residence at the 2011 soundSCAPE Festival in Maccagno, Italy for two weeks this summer!  Daily masterclasses and working with really talented young composers, a concert of my chamber music, and a commission for a new work for soprano, piano and percussion.  REALLY excited!
More information here: www.

8/15/10.  Awarded a Barlow Endowment commission, to compose a concerto for brass quintet (Triton Brass) and wind ensemble, to be premiered by a consortium of wind ensembles in the 2011 season!
Triton Brass and I have been wanting to do this project for three years, ever since our Meet The Composer collaboration, which they premiered at Tanglewood and played many times since.  
SO stoked it will finally be possible!

7/26/10.  Two INCREDIBLE performances by The Crossing in Philadelphia: The world premiere of The Memory of Rain (Pew Charitable Trusts/Philadelphia Music Project commission), and a wonderful performance of Burning Chariots.  I've had the good fortune to work with several top-notch choral groups, but I believe The Crossing under the direction of Donald Nally is at the top of the top.  One of the best choirs in the world.
Nice review here.

6/21/10.  Great performance of my song cycle Sudden Music by Rebecca Duren and Alan Johnson at the Sudden Music Festival in New York.  Yes, the title of the festival was taken from my piece...

5/12/10.  Just finished judging the Meet The Composer commissions.  A heck of a lot of work (!), but actually a joy to listen to so much great music by so many talented and devoted composers. Listened to 214 pieces (many in video format w/dance or multimedia) in two days.

5/2/10. Wonderful performance by newEar Ensemble last night. What pleasure to work with them! Also had a great time giving an interactive presentation to students at the Kansas City Art Institute on Friday (4/30).

3/22/10.  Received a 'review' from a trusted source that the performance of Sudden Music by soprano Marie Te Hapuku (who sings with The Met) at the LDS Lincoln Center Building was absolutely stunning!  Wish I could have been there!  Going to Boston next week to hear pianist Biljana Milovanovic and soprano Rachelle Schmiege perform it.

11/22/09.  C4 did a great job performing Non avra ma pieta' in New York last night.  Marvelous choir, and a joy to work with.  Also just found out that I was a Finalist for the 2010 Look & Listen Festival Prize...close, but no cigar.

11/20/09.  Wrapped up a fantastic week as a Guest Composer at the ISU Contemporary Music Festival.  Gave a lecture/presentation, a roundtable session with Steve Reich, and a pre-concert talk with Kirk Trevor (conductor of the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra).  Processione di lacrime went very well, and the ICO did a great job with the world premiere of the orchestral version of the Requiem.

11/15/09.  My Requiem was the Winner of the First Annual newEar Composition Competition.  newEar is a superb contemporary music ensemble in Kansas City, and they'll be performing the piece in the spring.

10/2/09.  Found out I am a Co-Winner of the American Composers Forum-LA Composition Competition for my piece Yellow.  The piece will be performed in LA on 11/12 by Ensemble Green.

9/1/09.  Just found out that I won First Prize in the 2009 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition.  The ICO will be premiering my Requiem (finally!) at the 43rd Contemporary Music Festival on November 19th, and I'll be a Guest Composer at the Festival along with Steve Reich.  They will also be performing Processione di lacrime on the Festival, as it was a winner of the "Music Now" Composition Competition.  Both competitions are blind juried (i.e. scores are submitted anonymously), and judged by completely independent panels.  There were something like 130 entries for the "Music Now" contest.  They were very surprised, and told me that in the 43 year history of the festival, nobody has ever won both competitions!  Needless to say I am very humbled and honored.

7/31/09.  My sax quartet OK-OK was one of six works (out of hundreds of submissions) selected for submission to the ISCM World Music Days in Australia next spring.   Crossing fingers it will be chosen.  Also just heard from a marimbist in Argentina that he will be performing Catherine's Wheel soon.soo

7/16/09.  It's been a good week: I just heard from Subito Music that they've picked me up as a composer.  More details pending.

7/14/09.  Was just informed that I've been elected as a member of the American Composers Alliance (which only accepts 1-2 new members per year).

7/11/09.  I've been nominated for the Pi Kappa Lambda National Commission, and advanced to the next stage.

6/22/09.  Good news, bad news (but mostly good!): The premiere of my song cycle Sudden Music was pushed from August back to sometime in the fall (probably November), but the good news is that MAG is now planning to use singers from The Met.  How cool would that be?

6/19/09.  I'll be going to Aspen this summer! I'm a Guest Composer at the Aspen Music School, a presenter at the Aspen Composers' Conference, and will have the Dinosaur Annex commissioned piece (blur) for clarinet & basset horn performed at the Aspen Institute, with the premiere of a video by renowned artist Rita Blitt.  SUPER excited.

1/1/09.  Star Chamber for solo violin was released on a CD of contemporary chamber music called Metamorphosis on the Beauport Classical label.
Will be on Amazon and iTunes soon, but you can get it directly from the label for only $12.97!

11/20/08.  Catherine's Wheel and B(ee) Movie were just picked up for publication by Marimba Productions, the premier publisher for marimba repertoire.

11/18/08.  Received notice today that I was awarded Honorable Mention in the Boston Choral Ensemble's 2009 Composition Competition.

10/20/08.  Just got a pretty fab 3/4-page featured review in Gramophone Magazine (annual Awards Issue, Oct. 2008).  Read it here.

9/27/08.  Sixth Species is now available for digital download on iTunes and

8/16/08.  My CD Sixth Species is finally released on Albany (TROY1044).  It is available direct from Albany, or from AmazonCDUniverse, Barnes &, and many other stores (even!).

  6/08.  Exciting news: Just received a commission to write a new work for the acclaimed Boston new music ensemble Dinosaur Annex, for spring 2009!! I'm thrilled, as Dinosaur Annex is not only one of the top new music ensembles, but SUPER COOL people, too!

6/08.  Just found out that my sax quartet OK-OK was performed by TAWA Quartet at the 18th International Jazz Festival in Lima, Peru.  Cool.