the other voices
the other voices is a 10-12 voice chamber choir at the university of miami, frost school of music,
specializing in medieval, renaissance, and 20th/21st century repertoire.
Machaut  Monteverdi  Messiaen
Penderecki  Palestrina  Pärt
Ligeti  Lassus  Lauridsen  Landini
Cage  Ciconia  Copland
Gesualdo  Gorecki  Gombert
get the picture?

dr. lansing mcloskey, director

friday dec. 1, 2006, 8pm: "missa transit ætates" - mass across the ages
trinity cathedral, miami
14th century music + cage, nørgård, stravinsky, ives, messiaen, gorecki, meredith monk, mcloskey, and the world premiere of a new work by sofia kraevska.
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friday feb. 2, 2007:  candlelight high-mass service at trinity cathedral
repeat of "missa transit
ætates" program

sunday april 8, 2007, 8pm: "canon: canons through the ages"
clarke hall, university of miami

wed & thurs april 18/19, 2007, 8pm.
performances of steve reich's proverb
clarke hall, university of miami

w h o   n e e d s   t h e    c o m m o n - p r a c t i c e    e r a ?